Monday, August 11, 2008

a grand update

It's been quite a while since I last posted/blogged.

So - tendollaaudio has now been morphed into Expat Audio. A collaboration with another groupdiy member SSLTech.

Expat Audio's website can be found at It still needs a little work though :)

We currently have one main product that we sell. An addon board for the popular Gyraf GSSL DIY compressor that makes it work like the original compressor it was designed to mimic.

However, we have other things up our sleeve :)

I am currently rolling up my sleeves to develop control software on an MSP430F2013. Every product with any kind of digital control needs buttons, knobs etc. The MSP430 has shown to be an ideal platform to develop on.

Whilst it's nothing big to speak about, so far I've managed to write some code that detects a button press, waits for debounce to finish, then tests the pin again to see if it's still pressed. Based on that button press, the software then toggles an LED.

The next challenges are:
Develop the same thing accross multiple pins.
Develop a board that will spit out SPI data to a string of LED's and beyond.

thats all for now.

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