Tuesday, November 22, 2005

ADAT Card and ADC

Ahhhh... let me see, where do I begin... This project is happening over at http://www.groupdiy.com. The actual thread is: http://www.prodigy-pro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=135492#135492
The Idea so far is:

Stereo ADC Card118dB 24bit, working either from onboard crystals to generate clocks to drive an S/PDIF Transmitter up to 96KHz or in a slave mode that will support up to 48KHz.Basically, it can act a standalone ADC with S/PDIF or as part of an ADAT 8 channel ADC.

Can generate all clocks from an external word clock or ADAT input. 4 connectors onboard to distribute clocks (Fs, 128fS and 256fS to the adc card) and bring back the Data from each of the stereo ADC's. The card will then convert the data from each stereo ADC into a single ADAT stream.

On the ADAT card there are 8 external 4 way connectors...
4x [data out, Wordclock, 256xWordclock and 64x Wordclock]
4x [data in, Wordclock, 256x Wordclock and 64x Wordclock]

Each of these are buffered for 5V use to go over 0.1" connectors to ADC cards or DAC cards.
The I/O on the ADAT card will be +5V - this should help with noise performance as well.

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